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Behind the explosion in the digital art marketplace are non fungible tokens, known as NFTs. In recent months, NFTs have made headlines for changing hands at eye-popping prices.

The meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have created new digital art connoisseurs and digital art traders that want to buy, flip or own NFTs.

Artists, athletes, celebrities and many more are now able to monetize their works and leverage their personal brands.

We live in an evolving world where shifting to digital currencies is only getting started, and we believe NFTs will be a part of that history.

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The foundation for understanding what an NFT is, is in answering the question “What is a non fungible token?

Let’s look at the definition of fungible as a starting point. Fungibility in essence means that something is interchangeable; if you and I can swap any two units evenly the units exchanged would be considered to be fungible. As an example, a $10 bill is fungible because another $10 bill, or even two separate $5 bills hold the exact same value, so they are the same.

Assets like diamonds, land, or artwork are not fungible because each unit has unique qualities that add or subtract value. For example, individual diamonds have different colors, sizes, cuts and grades, they are not interchangeable, so they would be referred to as non-fungible goods.

An NFT is a digital certificate representing a one-of-a-kind asset, just like an individual diamond. Even if two assets appear identical, the metadata on the non-fungible token provides a stamp of authenticity that allows us to tell them apart.

So why is blockchain the ideal technology for the management of digital assets? Two key features contained in blockchain, those of immutability and security make it ideal for managing digital assets. Up until the most commonly used tokens were fungible tokens, and it is impossible to write any unique information to the token.

Cryptographic tokens which are unique and can hold data instead of value could be referred to as non-fungible tokens. They are defined on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC standards such as ERC-721 standard. The difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens has an emphasis on storing information.

Can a digital artwork ever really be as valuable as a piece that was physically crafted by an artist?

Oshen’s orientation to high-end productions and artworks intends to make exclusive and premium products accessible to any investor or trader.

On Oshen.io, the largest collection of extreme athletes and artists in Sea, Land and Air, from the depths of the ocean to the furthest galaxies, we are developing a platform to exhibit the art of exceptional people above the normal range of achievement. And give back to the preservation of our natural world as we do so.

The assets have a real value with an existing buyer market of television, print and digital media, as well as decorative artworks for display. NFT’s add to their value.

Surfer Catching Waves
Surfer Catching Waves

Ok, great, but why choose Oshen as an artist or buyer?

1. Oshen pays a royalty on every resale, allowing artists and athletes to develop a stream of income. This allows them to build up an income stream that can sustain them after they have passed their prime years of serving and entertaining humanity in their specialized fields.

2. Producing quality film and still image assets in the natural world or in a dangerous environment is expensive, scarce and not easily achieved without a good support team and budget. Boats, helicopters, drones, jet skis and a qualified support crew and other resources are necessary to get amazing shots at those extreme locations. This creates value to the artwork exhibited on Oshen.

3. Oshen has a conservation mandate. A percentage of all transactions on the platform is donated to organizations devoted to conservation and preservation of our natural habit. Transparency and immutability are key factors here. With Oshen, you give back to our natural world, and help support the preservation of our environment.

Ready to join us in our new adventure?
Ready to join us in our new adventure?

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Exclusive Adventures-based NFT platform. Sea, Land, Air. Captured by Top Artists for Collectors.