Capturing that “Magical” Moment

Roger close with Nile Crocodile

First encounters with amazing animals

Major Accomplishments

  • “Into the Dragon’s Lair” was nominated for an Emmy, for best Cinematography in 2010, and the sequel, “Touching the Dragon” was selected as one of the feature shows for National Geographic’s 125th centenary year celebrations.
  • Nominated for Best Narration at Jackson Hole in the blue chip sequence for John Downer’s “Earthflight” and for producer Rob Pilley.
  • He has done long-term assignments with John Downer to film bottle-nose dolphins for the “Spy in the Pod” series which aired on BBC One in 2013, and two sequences on the BBC Atlantic series for producer Ted Giffords in 2010.
  • He spent 110 days filming for Silverback Films on Disneynature’s “Blue,” for director Keith Scholey, and worked as a second unit DOP on the National Geographic “Into the Okavango” feature directed by Neil Gelinas.
  • Appointed as the underwater DOP on the National Geographic Pristine Seas Expedition to Tristan da Cunha, led by Paul Rose, working for producer Alex Verville.
  • Worked for producer Hugh Pearson on the Coastal Seas and High Seas episodes of the Netflix original series “Our Planet,” produced by Silverback Films.
  • Won a nomination, alongside cameraman Jamie McPherson, for Outstanding Cinematography and for a Nonfiction Program at the 2019 PrimeTime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.
  • He was one of the two underwater DOPs hired by Jonathan Smith of the BBC Natural History Unit to shoot underwater screensavers for Apple TV.

The Octopus that won an Oscar

The Art of Cinematography in the Digital Era




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Exclusive Adventures-based NFT platform. Sea, Land, Air. Captured by Top Artists for Collectors.

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