Behind the explosion in the digital art marketplace are non fungible tokens, known as NFTs. In recent months, NFTs have made headlines for changing hands at eye-popping prices.

The meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have created new digital art connoisseurs and digital art traders that want to buy, flip or own NFTs.

Artists, athletes, celebrities and many more are now able to monetize their works and leverage their personal brands.

We live in an evolving world where shifting to digital currencies is only getting started, and we believe NFTs will be a part of that history.

NFT meme


The Reef Chain development juggernaut continues to roll on, gathering more complimentary projects to its ecosystem. Oshen is the latest addition to its developing ecosystem.

Oshen is an exclusive Adventure-based NFT marketplace showcasing elite Athletes on Land, Sea, and Air. Oshen provides Athletes and Natural world Artists a place to offer their best content, market their art, and reward them for their work.

Oshen enters an already vibrant marketplace, where Athletes and Natural world Artists already have a ready customer base in television, print, and digital media, as well as decorative artworks displays and exhibitions. …

Roger Horrocks is an underwater cinematographer specializing in sequences for documentaries, features, and commercials. He is best known for his work on My Octopus Teacher, Our Planet and Blue Planet 2. Roger is currently working on Planet Earth 3 for the BBC NHU and an Ocean Series for Netflix.

“We are alien visitors in their watery world and they want to know what we are and why we’re here. They bump and roll us — something in their eyes says they want to play. They move with intimidating speed, but they pose us no threat and just want to play.”

Joshua Emanuel

A native of South Africa, Joshua Emanuel, has big air and kite loops in his blood.

Joshua is a water-born person, fortunate enough to grow up with the ocean on his doorstep. His main passion is kitesurfing, but he also loves to surf, skate — generally, to explore the outdoors.

The elite athlete grew up in Durban, on the east coast of South Africa, and is currently living in the Wind capital of the World, Cape Town, South Africa. When Josh started kiting, he got kite surfing lessons from Twiggy Baker, 3 x World champion Big Wave surfer, and also…

The WSL Big Wave Tour guys are a different breed, and Grant “Twiggy” Baker — now, a three-time BWT World Champ — is a tall poppy in that select crew of surfers.

Creating the amazing images and videos in the monstrous waves he surfs, with the genuine possibility of being seriously injured, takes a unique type of person to train and prepare for mentally.

Blood on the Lungs

Imagine getting hit so hard by a 50-foot wave such that you got “blood on the lungs”.

Twiggy says “Most of us, the big-wave guys, have experienced it. The impact of the wipeout causes some blood…

Elite Athletes in Lockdown

Competing in a sport at the highest level as an elite athlete takes dedication and discipline. This comes at great personal cost and attaining this level​ in their chosen field ​comes ​through years of training. ​World-class​ athletes are people with ​​natural talent, stamina, and competitive drive. They have excellent reflexes and coordination and are well disciplined when it comes to rigorous practice and training.​ They are prepared to do more than the athlete alongside them, attaining results above the normal range of achievement.​

​Competing and performing at the highest level​ requires sacrifice and commitment to keep their fitness and bodies…

Oshen NFT

Exclusive Adventures-based NFT platform. Sea, Land, Air. Captured by Top Artists for Collectors.

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